DC Blogs Noted

DCers are passionate about many things, not least of which is our hockey team, the Capitals, or as we lovingly call them, The Caps. On Frozen Blog captures a snap of Dale Hunter, our teams new head captain.

Some people have said all good things must come to an end, and I myself have always said you should always give things the ending they deserve. So, I commiserate wholly with Dating in Dresses about her recent underwhelming break up.

Twitter, or social networking in general seems to be causing more harm than good for kids today. Pundit Mom discusses one twittering teen, and the fall out of gubernatorial proportions.

Shannon Sez So discusses holding on to her racial identity while trying to make a living as an actress.

I’ve always been fascinated by what the child stars of movies that were popular when I was a child have grown up to be. Love, Elizabethany is offering up a sort ofWhere are they now? post, showing what the cast of The Little Rascals has grown up to look like.



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