DC Blogs Noted

Somehow, someway Lemon Gloria plumbs the confluence of Target, Justin Beiber, and Nail Polish and comes away with something pithy and brilliantly funny.

Lemmonex considers the impact her sizable online footprint has on her dating life.

-the fooler initiative- wrote “twitter sextiquette and the hermeneutics of [her] clitoris… or ‘ain’t nuthin’ to it but to do it’ – accurate.” I lack words.

Fresh Muddy Waters looks at her dating history (long term and recent) and decides that she “should be a gay man.”

The Hip Flask has some advice from a new father: Barware and Baby Bottles.

A number of local bloggers wrote about the latest Herman Cain sexual misconduct scandal, but a Pundit Mom crystallized the consensus in a brilliant manner. Herman Cain’s Sex Life: I Don’t Want to Hear About It.



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