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This time of year is a time for reflection.  Reflection about how we lived our past year.  What we want to change going into the new year.  In ENagoski‘s latest post she reflects on the importance of being present.  On what reality and attraction really mean.  It is a great piece to read.

And speaking of this time of year, Capital Style has compiled a handy guide for married women to help their single friends during the holiday.  While I am sure most single people are fine being on our own this time of year, I do like many of the things on her list.

As someone who loves to celebrate birthdays, whether it’s my own or someone else I care about, He Loves Me Not latest blog post makes me happy that she got to celebrate and show her boyfriend how special he is to her.  And this leads perfectly into So Much to Smile About‘s latest post which provides a gift guide for bloggers.  All my friends, ahem, please take note of all her kick-ass suggestions.

Finally, need something to get you through your Thursday?  Read Small Town Girl, DC World‘s post about babysitting her younger brother.  She has a great sense of humor and uses lots of photos throughout the post which make the story only more hilarious.  This is definitely a blog I am going to start following and reading on a regular basis.



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