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Good grief, but it’s cold. I guess if it has to be winter, it’ll be okay, as long as there are fantastic-sounding things like Avgolemono soup to enjoy. Pretty pictures of warm-and-amazing food from Forking DC.

Feast After Famine got an unusual question from her child that had her wondering: how do you explain slavery to a child?

I’m no theologian, but this post at Italian Mother Syndrome was too intriguing to ignore. Advent, the Holy Mother, and the Muppets? Go on…

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, a day to remember those lost to the disease and strengthen our resolve to fight on. Hilarity in Shoes commemorated the 30th anniversary of the first cases of HIV being reported by reflecting on the impact of the disease on those of us who grew up in the midst of the AIDS epidemic.

Your humble editor’s deep and abiding love for all things New Orleanian is no secret. I am, after all, a Gulf Coast kid, and New Orleans is the Gulf’s spiritual capital. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that New Orleans has brought us another great idea. The Green Miles discusses the “I Wish This Was” campaign. I wonder how that would go here…

Now here’s an idea I support wholeheartedly: coffee-house therapy. Pictures and musings from A Girl Named Sue.

And to take us out, a little something to warm the blood and inspire you on this frosty December weekend. I give you, courtesy of The Pumpernickel Collection, an excellent seasonally-appropriate adult libation. Cheers to y’all – have a great weekend!



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