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Oh, the joys of cube-farm life. Those of us who live that way at work will identify with Orange Hoodie and the communal hunt for scissors.

PSA time: if you’re among the Arlingtonians of the world, Arlington Transit has an easy way for you to do some good. ArlNOW tells us how you can help the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

When you start from a place of less-than-well, an emergency room visit is just that much worse. But as Toddler Planet tells us, all of those problems are complicated even further when people just “make up data.”

Pretty pictures of a very controversial food today! Hungry Sam tells us how to make Brussels sprouts “not taste terrible.”

And finally, to take us out, something I am often VERY tempted to do. Here are, courtesy of Unsuck DC Metro, videos of people dancing on trains. Why not? Happy Wednesday!



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