DC Blogs Noted

It was three years ago this week that the blog, Who Murdered Robert Wone, began. They write: Simple web metrics only tell a part of the story: this is the 575th post and 45,000 comments were generated from over 2 million page views. But the raw data isn’t the success, the people and passion behind those numbers were.

20Something City looks at DC’s self-segregation and writes: The fact of the matter is that the segregation is so severe that some of the city’s inhabitants have never even crossed over to the other side of 14th street.

The story, in part: We met at a wine bar two weeks ago. Cute: check. Well-dressed: check. Paid: check. But he’s freaking twenty two years old. He’s in his first job and first apartment. I asked him when he’d be 23, and his response was, no joke, “I’ve been 22 for a while.” From 2girlsintheworld. True Stories.

iPhone crime wave? A community meeting about crime in the U Street corridor draws about 40 people. Borderstan reports: When asked what could explain the crime spike in October, Lieutenant Jova placed some of the blame on the release of the Apple iPhone 4S, which came out on October 14.

An artfully rendered photograph by Team Wet Dog.



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