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Not all “foodies” are pretentious, self-important, bloviating folk who worship at the altar of food. But for that specific genre of foodie, the So Good Blog has some deliriously funny ideas for Foodies 12 Days of Christmas.

Running with Blue Sponges calls for a boycott of Loews in response to the yamking of their advertising from the TLC show “All-American Muslim.”

Ashley Fetterers who writes for The Atlantic breaks down the history and examines the cultural significance of women going fully shaved… warning: frank descriptions and discussions ahead.

Remember: It’s only class warfare when the poor fight back” is the Angry Bureaucrats’ response to being called “covetous scum.”

Among the best kept secrets in this city is the debaucherous brunch that A Single Girl Doing Single Things experienced this weekend.

What does it mean to date in the age of Facebook? City Girl Blogs shares her thoughts on that thorny subject.



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