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Because we can all use some holiday cheer, and also an IM conversation with a cat (because why not?), here are 10 seasonal things to dig, courtesy of Hilarity in Shoes. Comfort and joy indeed.

Pretty pictures of food time! And it’s healthy, for once. Thanks to Fifthfloorkitchen’s Blog for the great salad recipe.

The holidays are so very chocked to the gills with joy, love, and aggressive happiness. But what if not everything in your life is happy? Always a Drunk, Never a Bride finds herself a bit wistful around the edges this Christmas season.

Oh, BOY, does this Gulf Coast kid identify with Katelin Taylor here. Though Northern folks swear up and down that DC is unabashedly southern, and Southerners think this is the frozen tundra, the Southern accent is a dead giveaway that some of us are not, in fact, from around here…

Little kids in holiday pageants melt my hard little secularist heart like nothing else. The Cutter Rambles introduces us to the Cutlet, his budding star.

Christmas isn’t the only game in town this December. From KidFriendly DC, here’s a list of some Chanukah events around town. If your family celebrates the Festival of Lights, there are some great ones here.

And to take us out this pre-holiday weekend, a little unexpected light from The Gold Puppy.

This is my last post of 2011, as I will be Internet-less in the rural South this holiday season. Have a beautiful holiday, one and all, and a fabulous New Year. See all y’all in 2012!



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