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Not Enough Tequila in the Word pokes fun at one of my favorite movies, Dirty Harry.

Losing a relative, no matter how full of a life they may or may not have had, is always difficult. Dealing in Subterfuges reflects on the loss of not one, but two grandfathers.

Though most will tell you the holidays are no time to experiment with recipes, with all the stress and whatnot, but I’m a big fan of trying out new things and using my unsuspecting family members as guinea pigs. The next recipe I plan on trying is this lemon ricotta cake, courtesy of Susie’s Budget and Policy Corner.

Filed under “Living Vicariously Through”, I’m jealous of Suburban’s Sweetheart‘s latest adventure in DC.

As the Holidays approach, many of us will be traveling, and some of you that might not be used to dealing with children might appreciate this helpful (humorous) guide by veteran parent, Tales from Coachland



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