DC Blogs Noted

Twenty Christmas (related) Movies to Warm Your Ebeneezer “Grinch” Potter Heart. Always a Drunk, Never a Bride.

Top 10 Restaurant Openings of 2011. Best Bites.

Bryan Weaver, a former ANC commissioner and council candidate, critiques the council’s ethics bill. The post: DC Council ethics: C’mon son, we can do better. Greater Greater Washington.

Instead of holiday gifts, the writer of Poverty & Policy, donates in her family’s names to nonprofits.

Eat a Little, Eat a Latke. A step-by-step photo report of a cooking adventure by Suburban Sweetheart.

Photo: Faucets in Love. Taken in DC. Wishing a wonderful holiday season and New Year to all our readers. We may publish little, if at all, during the holiday week.



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