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Smart People Behaving Badly Prod & Ponder In a part of Bethesda where 49% of the residents have graduate degrees, there’s some impolite behavior afoot at the local Starbucks, including job interviews, table hogging and cell phone yelling. An excerpt:

And so at 8:30 am, the line at this coffee shop goes out the door, conversations range from genetic sequencing to macro economics, and the stereotypes many urban-centric folk make about unreflective and daft-dominated life in suburbia are launched right out the window. I’m becoming a fan. That said, there’s some bad behavior that needs calling out…

Also Noted Uncle Sam Wants Gas, an extremely funny report about a government worker on the open road. With photo. By Sour N Sweet. Five reasons Chinatown is an "interesting" place to work, writes DC Pussycat Doll. What do Ninjas eat? The well stocked refrigerator at Home Improvement Ninja, but even better is what this writer cooks for dinner and why. By Ocean of Realty. Strange little blog, GW Urban Legends, including this one about freshmen. Read the first two comments. Blogger Meetup Group tonight at Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Starts at 7 p.m. This is a low-key get together and everyone is most welcomed. Please visit dcblogs.com/live