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Why not kick off your Friday with something genuinely sweet and fun? Stimeyland tells us that love has a new color – orange.

Pretty pictures of food time! In this time of resolutions and self-imposed health regimes, why not relish something that’s good for you? Orzo, chickpeas and spinach, courtesy of Que sera, Sarah.

I took a long road trip through some very empty stretches of the rural South over my holiday break. So this post from Shopping Hungry was just a little too familiar. Who hasn’t, while in the car for what seems like eternity, talked to anyone – or anything – who would listen?

“Let’s not and say we did” is one of my favorite go-to cliches, so I heartily endorse this fabulous idea from WashingTina: the reverse bucket list.

And to take us out this week: I have no idea what a tian is, but if this is it, I want one and I want one NOW. Thank you (and I’m JEALOUS), Mango & Tomato. Have a great weekend!



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