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(Please show some self-control. Read this insightful post before you click on the one below. Thank you. The management.) Photo traffic enforcement is out of control in DC. Farm Fresh Meat.

Ok, this post, with its attention getting headline, click candy, is the most clever protest photo in the history of SOPA. sooo you want to know what i look like… naked… blond with bullet

As the hours get smaller, The Blarney Crone‘s spending gets bigger. The post: #stuffubuyatnite.

A title with a high curiosity quotient or HCQ, as it’s referred to in the Chicago Manual of Style: Snacks of Ancient America. NotionsCapital.

Who can forget the snow? My Pretty Pennies can’t. She writes: The very last one, Snowverkill, was one of the worst weeks of my life: I was home alone, out of power, got food poisoning, and was severely dehydrated. I had never felt so alone and helpful. I hated snow after that miserable experience.

Nice photos. Hey Love.



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