DC Blogs Noted

Life after Blogging WonL Good bloggers connect with their audience and so when a writer decides to end a blog readers often feel a sense of loss. That’s what makes WonL’s Life after Blogging a standout project. She’s interviewing ex-bloggers who succeeded in finding an audience and asking them to explain why they stopped. In her first installment she interviews AUA, whose popular blog, Direct Current is still missed. (That’s judging from the 120 comments – and rising – that have been posted by the AUA fan club on his blog.) Excerpt from the interview:

My blog was discovered by the Bartender at my neighborhood dive. He and I had never talked about blogging before and as far as I know, his involvement with the internet is essentially limited to the Google search engine. When someone who isn’t very “plugged in” finds you, you know there’s too much out there

Also Noted: Washingtonians are busy people, writes Beauty and Beltway. We walk faster than most people run. But that all changes when the coffee is free. Washingtonians are angry people. Circle V offers a report about a cup of coffee, a car and a pedestrian. Credit card fraud stories are turning up on local blogs this week. Jawn discovers someone is using his ATM card in Japan to run up $800 in charges. Dennis at More than my Luggage gets a call from Crutchfield and writes: I backed up and listened to the Crutchfield message again, and I’m pretty sure the blood drained from my face. City Desk says the media attention on the David Rosenbaum case has become DC’s answer to the Laci Peterson case. He runs a long list of unsolved murders in DC and points out: What distinguishes these cases from the Rosenbaum death? Well, for starters, not one of them occurred west of the park. (Background on the Mr. Rosenbaum case here)