DC Blogs Noted

Breaking up is hard to do, and Ask Miss A serves up some tender advice to “College Sweetheart“.

GLAA Forum posts a rant by the hilarious Jenna Marbles about White Girls in the Club.

Chicken Cacciatore is hard to spell, but it’s delicious to eat. In Kat’s Kitchen has a simple recipe for the wonderful comfort food.

My life long love affair with Christian Dior is shared by many, including Coffee & Dreams, who is sharing a preview of what’s to come later this year.

And because we’re all pinching our pennies, but still looking for something fresh and different to do, Free in DC is sharing info on what looks like a (FREE!) salacious good time in the old town tonight. “Bare” hits the stage tonight only from 8-10 and boasts “comedians, Story tellers, and sex educators.”



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