DC Blogs Noted

Ooh, did this cautionary tale from Que sera, Sarah make my inner paranoiac all twitchy. Jeez, Google

From Listen to Leon, an undeniably sassy – and language-NSFW – take on President Obama’s visit to Arizona.

When you lose someone you love, they say that time heals… well, somewhat, anyway. DCfemella meditates on a somber anniversary.

Rock-star elegant pictures of food for you today, courtesy of The Pumpernickel Collection.

I love salads and vegetables of all kinds. I also love all my vegetarian/vegan friends and readers. I really do. But y’all, I am an omnivore. And I am so, so excited to tell y’all that next week is – squee – DC Meat Week. Capital Spice has all the goods.

And to take us out today, skee-ball. Skeeball. Whatever. Something totally fun and light-hearted from Team Wet Dog. Have a smashing weekend!



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