DC Blogs Noted

2Bird1Blog writes: My psychiatrist asked me last week if I ever worry about running out of material for the blog, and I said no, because if I do, I just have to take the metro somewhere during rush hour and we’re back in business. The post and it’s long title uneditd: I’m fairly certain I watched a woman discover a mole with irregular borders on the metro last night…

A Tale of Two Pizzerias. The Boca Sola works her way through the Washingtonian’s 100 very best restaurants.

Our world is strange or maybe it’s just Columbia Heights. Le Don Francois draws attention to a rant on Craigs List.

Street art, Columbia Heights via Park View.

Washington DC Bucket List — with more than 100 items on it by someone who plans to leave DC in two to three years. Once Upon a Child.

Urban Turf: Rents Will Fall in DC, But Not By That Much.



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