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I read somewhere that “‘Google before you Tweet’ is the new ‘think before you speak’.” I suppose this group of British tourists learned that the hard way, article via The DCist.

It seems like something out of a Science Fiction movies, but according to WashingTina, Presidential hopeful Newt Gringrich would like to colonize the Moon. While I’m all for zero gravity golf, I can imagine the influx of new falsehoods that will start cropping up on dating sites. “She said she weighs 110 lbs.” “Yeah man, but Earth pounds or Moon pounds?”

My friends are always going on about how wonderful “meditation” is. I’ve never tried it myself, but Free in DC is offering up details for a free meditation workshop in February.

“I want to carry a pickaxe and collect gems” struck me as funny, and now I can’t stop giggling. Oh, the joys of parenting, as brought to us by Sarah and the Goon Squad

There are two things I love: Nostalgia and Funny Commercials. Punch Drunk Critics has both.



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