DC Blogs Noted

One could be forgiven for thinking that a blogger writing about her/his writing is the height of the navel-gazing stereotype. Not So Linear’s introspection about writing, intersecting with blogging, and doing it as a job is a compelling read.

There aren’t too many fashion blogs in my blog reader but Go Kate Shoot stands out as a fashion blog that has great photography, tight writing, and broad appeal. Her summation of “Blogger’s Night Out” is visually stunning.

Pithypants takes a pause from being pithy to ponder perspective… it’s a view of homelessness one rarely sees or reads.

With all of the blog inches? pixels? space devoted to anticipating, recounting, and dissecting DC’s Restaurant Week, it seems on proper that we give some blog love to the restaurants participating in DC Meat Free Week. dc vegan has all the details.

For mature audiences: an erotic romance story Told in Seven Parts by once and future DC Blogger Life Goes On, I Think.



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