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The Car is Floating Backward Where’s my Cape The rain has dampened everything but the humor of many bloggers. Here’s a well told story that involves a Beltway trip in the torrential rain that, well, our headline says it. An excerpt: What made this situation even worse was comparing our predicament to others. Like how the car next to us had three men pushing it and lapped us like we were on walker-speed. Like how certain mammoth beast vehicles drove right past us, throwing dirty waves in our faces. (Also check out Medical Advice Monday) Also Noted: Rain-induced hysteria among DC rail commuters leads to some rude Metro behavior. This post by Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash came recommended by DC Mr. Anthrope, who wrote in a note: When I read this, I felt like I was right there – and I wanted to start swinging! It’s pouring sardonic wit on the Metro. Overheard, one of many, by our writer: “Do you think the White House will flood?” (little girl) “I’d like to see Bush stuck on top of his roof for a few days.” (dad) From And that has made all the difference. Rock Creek flood damage photos at A Feel Good Production. Search line: I’m sorry your mom blew up. At Angry Pregnant Lawyer. Pedicabs starting up operations in DC July 4th, reports The WashCycle.