DC Blogs Noted

As a lawyer prone to lapsing into jargon at every turn (sorry, y’all!), I got a huge kick out of this one. The One With the Red Stethoscope gives us a window into the linguistic fun that dating a medical student can be.

Pretty pictures of Italian food! Arugula-walnut pesto, courtesy of Macheesmo.

Because it’s a random kind of day, here are 10 random confessions from Doin’ the Grown-Up.

A story of feeling okay in your own skin, thanks to Learning to Fly.

Of suits and balance: a meditation from The Gold Puppy.

And to take us out this weekend – Valentine’s Day is probably the holiday most charged with emotional baggage in the whole year. So let’s skip all the single/couple angst. Let’s all eat cookies with Keep It Simple Foods. Have fun on the 14th no matter what you choose to do, and have a fabulous weekend!



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