DC Blogs Noted

The aggravation of dealing with packed Metro cars is compounded by people who don’t get out of the way. Our writer has a suggestion for fixing this problem with his “Don’t Block the Box.” From Life Outtacontext.

Toothless isn’t a word that describes these two writers but in this case it applies. See: Lonnie Bruner (with photos) first and second and DC Bachelor’s report. Thanks to Sweet for this suggestion.

A woman starts yelling at another on the Metro. It’s one of those seemingly random incidents that are part of city life. But it leaves this writer with questions. We pick up the report: The strange part was everyone’s reaction, or lack of. No one did anything, not even the girl being harassed. And the more I thought about it, I wasn’t sure what could be done anyway. What would I do? From Team Wet Dog, and recommended by Reya.

Velvet in Dupont’s writing is sharp and tough and so is she. So when a city police officer blocks her car in for a 7-11 refill, she’s not shy about asking him to move the cruiser. But her request gets a rude response and now Velvet weighs her next course of action, with the help of many readers. This post was no doubt one of the most popular in the city yesterday, thanks to shoutouts at Wonkette and the Express.

DC Rant. Excerpt: Coming from the Mid-west I was first shocked when I realized the first question asked was, what to you do? not how are you doing. By Another Day in DC.

Heartbroken over the storm damage to Sligo Creek Trail, writes Oh So Something. Photo.