DC Blogs Noted

Greater Greater Washington discusses WMATA’s problems with unwanted harassment, and worse, on public transit. Important stuff to consider for all of us, and brings another meaning to “If you see something, say something.”

Pretty pictures of food! Tacos as art from The Pumpernickel Collection.

Feast After Famine wonders about the right time in a young student’s life to introduce homework.

Cocktail time! If we’re going to have unseasonably warm weather, and this Southern girl DESPERATELY hopes that we will, let’s embrace it. Responsibly, of course. How ’bout a bourbon slush, courtesy of D.C. Girl in Pearls?

If you’re like me, and you rock the red for our beloved Washington Capitals, you are not too happy right now. This season? Yeah. Not so much. On Frozen Blog has a pretty good summation of the state of Capitals Nation right now. Three words: “barely moving wreck.”

And to take us out this weekend, a big dose of beautifully-crafted perspective from Hilarity in Shoes. Wherever you go, there you will be. Have a great weekend!



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