DC Blogs Noted

Moving from DC back to Alabama, a grad student tells her story in two posts, Band-Aids and Done Deal. A Wash of Paint. They can be read in any order because this story may be a familiar one. The second post begins:

I suppose my biggest struggle in going home will be fighting a feeling of shame. I have been very vocal about how little I respect all the kids who graduated from college and moved home because they “couldn’t get a job” or who got a job but still live at home because they like not having responsibilities and a lot of spending money.

Something we did not know: The person who created the Klingon language lives in Adams Morgan. Borderstan.

The 20 Characters You’ll Meet on Every Neighborhood Email List. Atlantic Cities via Frozen Tropics.

Road Trip. Chicks Dig Poetry. Many photos.

Pardon the dust. Sprite Writes was hacked.



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