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Finding Blanche tells the story(s) of getting dumped.

I was reminded of the feeling from that prom when in 1985, the guy I’d been dating for several months hadn’t picked me up for our 7:00 dinner date by 8:00. I called my father and asked him what he’d do. His exact words? “Make a peanut butter sandwich.”

Is that Joe Biden in Aisle 14? The Tenley Times. Who would have imagined that the VP runs his own errands in a local CVS. Once discovered, he is gracious enough to stand for photographs inside the store.

Someone from the washington Nationals calls a superfan, Lollipopgoldstein, and they talk for 20 minutes about nothing. Stirrup Queens.

This will mean something to all the older journalists out there. Press letters at Eastern Market. Forks in the Road.

Scary Mommy says goodbye to her dog, Penelope



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