DC Blogs Noted:

Flooded Out of Home Diary of an Ad Man Geoff Livingston, our writer, was flooded out of his Fairfax house after water broke through his basement windows. The Washington Post interviews him and quotes Geoff describing the scene: “The street had turned into a river.” Now, through his blog, Geoff is detailing (scroll down through the posts) what he faces, his emotions and resolve to overcome his fears. Thanks to blogging, here is the story behind the headline.

Faith in the right actions, processes, and commitment will in the end prove victorious. And though this flood has been a set back, I know in the long run, it will yield positive results that I could never have imagined.

Also Noted: The Liquid Muse profiles the woman behind Metrocurean, a popular blog reaching its one year anniversary. The Metrocurean’s Amanda McClements is a consistently entertaining writer and enterprising reporter, who has broken a number of stories about DC restaurant developments. The Muse’s interview offers genuine insight into this widely read blogger. With photo. Political hyperbole and self-serving comments get toasted by Too Many Words in a clever post that took work to assemble, no doubt. What was Sen. Leahy really talking about he said he had “never seen anything like it” – gay marriage, President Bush, electronic voting? Blogging doesn’t lead to lower grades. Barzelay posts his law school grades. Superman reviews are in. I loved this movie, writes The Conservative Futurist. There’s a lot to like about the movie … but on the other hand … writes Boz at Total Information Awareness. The cab drivers smells exactly like her ex-fiancé, reports Confessions of a Cartographer. (While we’re on the subject of cabs, dc cab rider says there’s a gas station in Van Ness that gives cabbies a 5 cent break.) How many laptops were stolen in DC last year? At least 1,009 laptops disappeared in burglaries and robberies, but the actual number is probably a lot higher. And what happened to all the information, the photos, and everything else on them? A report at Computerworld by KOB’s alter ego. Thanks to Wonkette for the shoutout) Site Note: Back Monday.