DC Blogs Noted

A woman tells about her decision to get a job in DC and then to stay here. Latsabs. She writes: Let the record show that I have now and have always really had more than I need. I am now and have always been grateful for my circumstances and would never really complain That said …

Old family films reveal some truths to abstract citizen, who writes: I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my little sis and my mom and watch some old family tapes. A series of startling observations ensued.

After one month in Dallas, now ex-DC’er icantbelievable makes some comparisons. She writes: The roads are huge, the vehicles are huge, the apartments are huge and of course the dogs are huge (especially compared to the small dog craze in DC). Photo of big dogs.

Finding Religion in a DC Taxi Cab. D.C.ology writes: He had tried to take the fastest route he assured me. “I would have taken the same route,” I assured him in return. Then, in what I guess was an attempt to deal with his boredom he asked, “Do you remember the man who tried to kill people on the Metro last summer?”

Why Not Just Buy Real Maple Syrup? The Green Miles.

Very neat and organized. The Current State of the Closet. Wardrobe Oxygen.



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