DC Blogs Noted

Just like that, a car blows up in Adams Morgan. Great photo. Life Through Photography.

Dating do’s and don’ts. Comprehensive and thoughtful. By Hannah, just breathe…. Excerpt: Don’t question yourself or what you have to offer. Do believe in your worth, your greatness, your intellect, your contribution.

Harassment on the Washington DC Metro. Washington DC Sketchbook.

All about the ‘honey do’ list. Writes the One with the Red Stethoscope: I mean, are other people aware of the fact that men will request “honey do” lists and that they’ll actually spend their Sundays doing things like taking care of your car? It’s like a whole new world, you guys. I never knew this universe, in which I am currently living, existed.

Pinhole photo of the Library of Congress. Eric Spiegel Photography.

This is a very good street art collection. Many photos. The 202.



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