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If you live in an inner (translation: pre-20th century) part of DC, there is a strong chance that your neighborhood once had a very different name. Greater Greater Washington explores Post-Civil War DC via a recently restored map from the early days of the Washington Post.

This is not a DC Blog. This Tumblr is based in NYC and has been the subject of some relatively broad media coverage. But just in case you still somehow missed, like this contributing editor did, Project Unbreakable is the most significant thing the internets have shown me in a while. Survivors of sexual abuse turn their abuser’s words into a most beautiful scar of an art project.

Without additional commentary, Livit Luvit’s “Bucket List is not Normal.”

The Broads of the Beltway have written a convenient guide to what your regular bar says about you.

The Trayvon Martin story is personal for me as it is for any man of color who has had to give “the speech” to a young charge. I was certain that I was not going to read, let alone highlight, any blog post that discussed this tragedy… and then I read LaurieWrites’ beautifully melancholy but hopeful post that relates young Master Martin’s experience to the young men in her charge.



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