DC Blogs Noted

Just in case you were wondering what effect a Saturday Night St. Patrick’s Day might have on crime statistics, the ARL blog compiled the data for Arlington. The last one is a doozey.

This has been an interesting week in the NFL off-season. Peyton Manning has moved to Denver, Teebow will be leaving the Mile High City (and breaking the hearts of Tee-vangelicals everywhere) and the NFL has dropped Damocles’ sword on the New Orleans Saints for their bounty hunting system. The Sports Sense blog lives up to its name in their summary.

Please spare a good thought for Charlcie. The third time is not charming if it’s the third appearance of cancer.

The Post is DC’s paper of record but their endorsement for the upcoming primary elections aren’t nearly as funny as the ones from the Washington City Paper’s City Desk blog.

Today is World Water Day (who knew?) The Metro DC Lawn & Garden Blog has some thoughts about how you can honor the source and sustainer of life.

Spoiler Alert: The Date Me DC blog has a happy ending. Read her last post anyway.



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