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The moment I realized leaving DC was the right move. Girl Meets Gump. It begins: This post is very special to me. It signifies a big shift, from the past to the future. From the big city to a slower pace. Let me describe the moment when I knew that leaving DC for Alabama was the right decision.

Nothing prompts a flame war on a mailing list or a blog as the issue of cars-versus-bikes-versus-pedestrians. There aren’t any winners in these testy and familiar arguments. But everyone would do well to focus on the consequences. Here’s a blog post by a writer at the lawfirm Gjel, and news story (Work warning: this SF Examiner story will trigger unlrelated commercial video) about a woman from DC who was in San Francisco for a visit and was struck by a bike and killed. According to the news story, the bicyclist pleaded guilty to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Under a plea agreement, he will now promote bicycle safety.

A taxi driver with a talent for story telling. Nyquil Express. Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie.

Heart Strings tries to make the best of dating in DC. The post, Lemonade, begins: So I had been feeling a little angst-y about the whole dating scene. I was meeting guys who were good men in sub-optimal situations. Two that were going through a divorce, one who was a poor artist without a sense of responsibility or consequence, another who lived in the opposite corner of the nation, etc. Just not relationship material for me. Frustrating.

Five brunches people are talking about. Johnna Knows Good Food



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