DC Blogs Noted

Video of dog skateboarding on U Street. No kidding. Live, Laugh, Snap.

This is a good post on the dynamics of the daily newspaper business. But be sure to follow its link to a New Republic piece on the Melody, the Dupont Circle store that recently closed. It’s very good. Economist’s View.

On Growing Up, Titanic 3D, And Bathroom Humor. [F]oxymoron. It really is about bathroom humor, so be warned gentle reader.

From the Dept. of Very Big Lists: What I’ve learned since moving to D.C. (some of which should be obvious):. HughChe’s Blog.

More lists: Progressive Thoughts in the Shower. Life as List. Proof that anything can be the inspiration for a blog post.

DC Film Girl shares what she knows about a new film that was shot in DC, Ultrasonic. Trailer.

Photos from the Titanic 100 Commemoration. Southwest.



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