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Bubble thoughts Vitals DC & Advanced Remediation & others Housing prices in the DC Meto area have soared out of reach for many, and buying a house has become painful and risky. In the building I live in, for instance, condos that were selling for less than $100,000 five years ago – efficiencies and one bedrooms – are getting $200,000-plus. Just this weekend a one bedroom was offered for $289,000 with a $400-plus maintenance charge. (of course, I rent) If you bought at that price and had to move there’s almost no way the rent would come close to covering the unit’s overhead. And just how much more are people willing to pay for a one bedroom? But the Washington Post reports that housing prices may be cooling off. Bloggers are also discussing this. Among them those writing about this issue is a new blog, “Vitals. DC. Real Dish for DC Women”, a blog for women in dc, between 25-35, require straight-up information, shaken, on-ice. this blog deals with popular topics we know and love; however, no recycled magazine content here. here you’ll find raw advice on all things lady… Vitals begins her post on the DC housing market this way: The ever-lovable housing discussion and related stressful thought process – to buy or not to buy; personally, it keeps me up at night. For every article one comes across that advises buying is a smart move, there are another dozen articles that talk about the “bubble” or “froth” or the general madness of the DC and its neighboring housing market and related prices. Like most people, I like to have options. Although I am seriously exploring the idea of buying, I may want to renew my current lease, if the condo that I am renting is not sold in the near future. Advanced Remediation just spent his First Night in his new house and made some discoveries after moving in. See you have to understand that with the DC/Baltimore housing market, there is no time for a home inspection. There is no time for anything. We spent maybe 25 minutes in this house before we wrote a contract on it, and hadn’t been back until after settlment. Good thing we had taken some pictures with the digital cam. Also commenting recently on metro housing: In a post titled Vacancies, Rants and Ramblings writes: I spend $1,000 a month in rent for my little apartment. Thinking of how much I’ve paid in rent the past two years — somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,000 — makes me more than a little sick.
In Burning Down the House, Countersignature writes: Apparently houses aren’t getting snapped up after only two hours on the market anymore. This Morgantown, WV writer, Jim’s Blog, believes the push for affordable housing will push people into his state and he’s worried about it. So, what in the world does all this have to do with West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle? The EP is the next target of developers lusting for cheap land to airlift and drop in tens of thousands of homes as they have done to the once picturesque countryside of Price William and Loudon counties. West Virginia is unable and politically would be unwilling to build the public infrastructure necessary to support the addition of tens of thousands of residents to the eastern tip of our state at the exclusion of long-promised projects in the rest of the state. Current commitments for building roads and water and sewer works will take our state 200 years to complete with the funds available.
A July to Remember, Part 2 DCSOB This writer made a list of things he wanted to do before the end of July, including eating at the Supreme Court cafeteria and getting drunk at Chipotle, among other things. Regarding Chipotle:

The beer is cheap, the locations are convenient, the chips, salsa and guacamole beat anything at a “real” bar. Plus, there’s no fighting to get an order in at the bar, no frat boys poured uncomfortably into shirts and ties and no smoke

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New dating blog, Professional Match DC, which describes itself as “a place for professional men to kick back and relax, learn a few things, and live like a pro …” Regarding the Borf-In at Dupont Circle, see the DCist report and the photo spread by Your Mind Better Be Blowing and Soon.