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Congratulations are in order for Lemon Gloria‘s new arrival! I love other people’s babies!

We lost a music legend yesterday. A fond farewell to Levon Helm from Wolf Trap Insider.

Stirrup Queens, with a challenging question on the day after Holocaust Remembrance Day.

SuperNoVA Bride comments on a wedding phenomenon that seems to cause more stress and lead to more family strife than any other aspect of the couple’s happy day: building the reception’s seating chart.

Pretty pictures of festive warm-weather cocktails this time, courtesy of Macheesmo. Yum. Sangria.

No, y’all. Seriously. The Washington Nationals are the first team in baseball to reach 10 wins. Yeah, those Nationals. OUR Nationals. Is anyone else as freaking giddy about this as Federal Baseball and I are? If you haven’t been to a game yet, go this weekend! Have a half-smoke and take in some high-quality baseball in our own backyard!



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