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Will car2go Make Me Drive More? The 42 has rented a car2go four times. He details his usage and compares it to the cost of a cab ride.

Ladies, shave your legs b/c you never know when you might end up in the ER. lunch at 11:30. The story is told.

On going gray. Hannah, just breathe, writes: I always wondered what my reaction would be when I found my first gray.

I Slipped Up And Turned 40. Kenya Allmond.

Something of a look back at Reston’s 83-acre nudist colony. Restonian.

An appreciation of a friendship. I know we are ladies, but our bromance is beautiful. Awkward Sex and the City. Another look at friendship: Letting go. Life through the T-glass.

No one expects bloggers to reach the same level of reporters, but too bad the writer didn’t ID the restaurant that’s illustrated here. Regarding the key point: Clearly the South knows what it’s doing. Otherwise, the photo would have been taken before the first cut. Dudes of Foods.



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