DC Blogs Noted

Metro Rolls Dice with Our Lives. Unsuck DC Metro is on the case about Metro doors that open when the train is in motion.

We are just stories. Writes Hannah Just Breath:

A one-block walk, and you still catch the tourist, the lobbyist, the intern, the homeless, the privileged Georgetown-ian, the radical, the Republican, the high sheriff, the harried staffer, each charging (or settling) into the day with a purpose. Because this is Washington, DC, damn it. We’ve got an agenda!

The passing of Chuck Brown. DC Not Rocking Today by DC Rocks.

Strawberries real and fake. In Shaw writes: Mock strawberries grow all over the place here.

Quarter Life learns how to use a sewing machine and makes a bag.

How to turn off the ladies: Stupid things lonely guys say. Rachel Machacek.



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