DC Blogs Noted

Her father’s application to join the Navy after Peal Harbor. He didn’t have to join at 35. Red Nose.

The trend of older women dating younger guys is beginning earlier. The cougar and the prom. Flash Free.

New York Avenue Beach Bar seems to be a resounding success, reports French Twist DC, about this just opened bar.

Bringing Hollywood to DC: Is it Worth It? The Fiscal Policy Institute raises good questions about DC’s effort to attract big studio productions.

Dept. of Yet Another Self-Congratulatory List: DC’s parks are 5th best in the nation, says “Park Score.” Greater Greater Washington looks at the latest ranking for DC, and also summarizes some of the earlier efforts to categorize the city. Skepticism is needed.

Evidently, DC bloggers are read out West, reports this fashion blog, The Puddle Jumpers.

“Happy” Memorial Day? Average Jane.

Spoon and Fork DC is moving to Colorado Springs.



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