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The Day I Set Vietnam On Fire. Rice Quips recalls the day a seemingly good idea took on a life of its own. He writes: I finally arrived in Vietnam in July 1970. I spent my birthday at the 90th Replacement Battalion. Their singular goal was to make life so miserable for new arrivals that they would jump at the chance to join their new units. They were very good at their job.

The Trayvon Martin Narratives: The Stories the Evidence Tells. A law professor at American University takes a look at this case. Dissenting Justice.

Underachieving eye. Fighting words are spoken at the eye doctor’s office. You’re Welcome.

Praise for the book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. Sandblower, the post is titled: Our great future in plastics.

You can invite snakes to a party. Stimeyland. Many photos.

Maple Restaurant in Columbia Heights is reviewed by Eat More, Drink More. Excerpt: The restaurant itself is on 11th Street NW just a few steps down from Meridian Pint, but is quite subdued with limited signage and a black exterior. The space is very small with about ten tables of two and a beautiful bar area to seat another ten people or so.



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