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Y’all. The eyes of the baseball world will be on Nats Park this weekend. The Nats-Yankees series, which six years ago was just an excuse for Yankee fans to come down and hang out at a different park, will be a battle of the class of the Major Leagues. Isn’t this season a blast? – Federal Baseball

I’ve had about three days like this in the last two weeks. I wish my commute allowed for this solution, though… – Fresh Muddy Waters

A meditation on little mirrors. – Fingers and Paws

I had a nightmare the other night too. Must’ve been catching. – Rude Cactus

Pretty pictures of food! And man alive, does that giant burrito look amazing. – Travel Eat Repeat.

This weekend, my daddy and I are going to a baseball game. (Yes, I am nearly 31 years old and still call my father “daddy.” I’m a Southern only daughter – it’s what we do.) I hope you all get a chance to celebrate and remember fathers, father figures and all the special people you love on this Fathers Day. Have an amazing weekend!



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