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A lot of things have happened on Mayor Gray’s watch. One thing he can do to help government is to make it more open, more accessible and put more documents online. But according to the DC Open Government Coalition, the mayor is heading in the opposite direction and has decided that making information more difficult to get is being on the right side of angels. All this proposal signals is that the extent of corruption in DC’s government is deeper than anyone has realized. Bloggers, especially those who cover neighborhoods and report on city-wide issues, ought to take a look at this. As newspapers recede, the work of bloggers becomes that much more important. Bloggers should link to the coalition to show support.

The Lovely Prelude. My life in photos.

It’s a real eye-opener when it happens to you, writes Brad Kanus.

Photos of ordinary things in Los Angeles that speak the city. Más Misc. Los Angeles. Pretty Ugly.

This is beyond gross: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae. Young & Hungry. Seriously, what is Burger King thinking or not?

Photos of dogs socializing at the Shirlington Dog Park. Hitherto.



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