DC Blogs Noted

Trepidation in a Homecoming, Life Without Plans. Baseball Prose considers the move to Chicago. Excerpt:

That’s why the move back to Chicago has resulted in me being largely silent about the process and my experience, because even though I’m equipped with a vivid imagination and a dose of wanderlust, even as it was happening, I couldn’t conceive the move back to Chicago, which might have been a hangover for how negative DC felt.

Lindsay’s love/hate relationship with DC described in a list. GMB.

A photographic before and after in the post: Let’s count the survivors: One. At Vanished: Washington.

Why not spend $150 on a bikini? It’s an investment. Bitches who Brunch.

Depression and the Continued Fight Against the Stigma. Mahoganie writes about the passing of a fellow writer.



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