DC Blogs Noted

In light of DC’s plans to put in streetcars, this post is interesting: Streetcars Involved in Numerous Accidents with Vehicles and Bicycles in Phoenix, Portland, Seattle. Arlington Yupette.

Will Adrian Fenty Run for Mayor Again? Capital Comment.

Sun and some fun in DC. Liv(E) in the US. Photos.

DC Zena writes about her time in DC. Her latest post begins: On Wednesday morning there was a fire on the Metro. A large throng of irritated commuters breathed heavily at the entrance of the Dupont Circle station and talked slightly louder than usual into their phones, telling both the person on the other end and the cargo-shorted Metro workers that their morning had been “Quite an Adventure.”

Also, Cheers from DC, many photos. Ollie and the Girl.

Chocolate City Revisited. Uncle Guido’s Facts. A analysis of the New York Times piece on the shifting demographics.



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