DC Blogs Noted

The escalating Mideast violence is affecting local bloggers in some very personal ways. Kassy at Redhead in the City says half her family lives on a kibbutz on the Dead Sea, not very far from a lot of the extremely dangerous target areas. Asian Mistress at City Sparkle writes: This is the tip of the iceberg. World War III could very well come crashing down on us … Darn Knit’s Shoofly’s brother’s flight landed at the Beirut airport just two hours before the bombing began. Sulfuric episode: A woman in pearls and a Hermes scarf expresses Nazi-esque bigotry, and the Beauty and the Beltway responds. A personal encounter with the dc metropolitan police, is the title of this post by Kori, who is pulled over a DC police officer who says there’s an “illegal tag cover” on the vehicle that’s designed to thwart red light cameras. As the police officer approaches the car, she says a prayer and rolls down her window. Excerpt:

so, he comes up and ask for my license and registration
all ugly-like from the get-go.
“can i ask why you stopped me?” i say.
“you’ve got an illegal
tag cover on your car,” he says, “that’s a $500 fine …

What does it mean when a crime is committed in an “unusual” area? Native Son writes:

Some may prejudge and assume that since the majority of violent crimes in the District are being committed by black people, that somehow we are all violent people. Some white people have made that quite clear by messages I have read this month. I wonder how white people would feel if black people assumed that all young white male teenagers were psychotic unstable kids since the majority of shooting sprees in suburban high schools in this country (columbine and countless more) were committed by white male teenagers. Can you imagine making that kind of prejudgment?

Also Noted: Georgetown University shuttle drivers are bullying their way into Key Bridge traffic lanes, and this writer says they’re behaving irresponsibly. An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting Hey, wasn’t that the mayor who just ducked into the Watergate bottle shop? DC mayor sighting report at ptsd. Just in case you are reading this from your vacation retreat in far northern Canada, there is an extreme heat wave, reports Capital Weather. The DC Blogger Meetup Group meeting is Wed. at 7 p.m. at the usual comfortable dive, Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Very informal and friendly.