DC Blogs Noted

Many stories have been written about street harassment and sexual assaults on Collection Action for Safe Spaces. But this effort to fight back on rude and often lawbreaking behavior is an old one, as Ghost of DC discovers, in a post that sheds light on a 1920s group, the Anti-Flirt Club.

Video: Bystanders Walk Past Accident Victim While Getting on the Bus. ARL Now.

Sarah Runs a Lot assembles a list of things she wonders about, including … if my children will ever see a snowstorm.

The Chronicles of Tewkesbury writes about ten, mostly annoying things I don’t understand.

Kids today are better at lemonade selling than prior generations. If you don’t believe it, see the photo. Parenting by Dummies.

Mayor Gray’s problems has In Shaw wondering: Would starting a pool about Gray be legal?



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