DC Blogs Noted

Don’t Worry About Your Mom. Clarissa Splains It All. A wonderful and touching post.

Ikea story with photos. Mean Louise.

Stirrup Queens writes about life but also explores blogging, and does so in this post: Is your blog holding your back. At DCBlogs, the following is observed: The vast majority of blogs disappear at about three months, the rest in one year. But once people get past the one year point, they may stay with it for years. It becomes habit, easier to do and fits in life. Posting ideas come easier.

Blogger rant. Alice’s Wonderland.

Not sure where this blog is based, but it’s in one of my lists as a DC blog. May be wrong, but it doesn’t matter. Whoa Becca writes: Last Saturday, we all gathered at my parents’ house to surprise my brother before his departure for basic military training in San Antonio. He got on the bus on Tuesday, and I can’t stop thinking about him. Followed by: Change of plans.

What is “Sup?” Scott’s Take.



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