DC Blogs Noted

When I really became a Mom. A hidden power reveals itself, writes Lisa at Womenhavingitall. This is a blog by two friends who worked as reporters at a major newspaper before their lives went in opposite directions. Men Behaving Badly: DC Cookie in South Beach experiences horrendous pick-up lines and other antics. I was [almost] mortified to watch grown men behaving like orangutan at the site of a few generous curves. And in DC, Single in the City deals with Male stare control and other party problems. He complimented me on my shirt. So far, so good.

A pair of kitchen squeakers, aka mice, are shown the window, writes Pie Pants. Also, Fievel Must Die, writes DC Pussycat Doll. Good point: If we’re in a crime emergency, why isn’t the Georgetown waterfront footpath lighting on? Photo, with the help of a flash, illustrates. By Sweet of Sour N Sweet. Faking Some Columbia Pride, is the title of a post at Blog DC about Money magazine’s recent fourth place ranking of this Maryland town. Pictures of the Metro at a cleverly named blog, Metro.Texture. It’s explained this way: On January 3, 2006 I accidentally took a picture of the platform floor tile at Grosvenor Metro Station. It’s was an accident but looked interesting and it’s inspired me to look for other interesting textures throughout the D.C. metro system using only my cell phone camera. The writers, Jen and Dima, are also documenting a home improvement project. The DC Blogger Meetup Group meeting is Wed. at 7 p.m. at the usual comfortable dive, Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Very informal and friendly.