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I have only one thing to say: GAAH, SPIDERS. – Not Enough Tequila.

The ten people you should never date. –Boobs Bacon Bourbon.

Pretty pictures of food! When your humble editor was a little girl on the Gulf Coast, I would go to Mardi Gras and eat funnel cake. I miss those days. Thanks for the nostalgia; these look AWESOME. – Macheesmo.

You can’t grasp the river. – The Gold Puppy.

And to take us out today, this is a big week for recent law-school graduates. It’s bar exam week nationwide. By the time you read this, almost every set of bar takers (except Louisiana) will have finished the biggest test of their lives. A hearty congrats to all of y’all – especially The Search for J Street – from someone who’s been there. Go out and enjoy this weekend; you’ve all earned it!



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