DC Blogs Noted

Rick was sick, homeless, and had family somewhere. Now he’s gone. Ah Bugger, who writes:

I’m glad Rick won’t suffer any more. I am thankful to him for reminding me that time is fleeting and that each moment is precious (sorry for the cliches). But most of all, that we can’t gauge how people are going to react to us, so we just need to do our best to be as good and as happy as we can be, and hope that translates to those around us.

Olympic glory. Where’s My Cape. Short and funny.

Much to my dismay, I am an abnormally sweaty individual. Suburban Sweetheart tells all.

DC Rent Prices: How High is Too High? Borderstan.

You never realize how much you miss a place till you leave and come back, writes Foodify Me about her return trip to DC.

Because we’re all (well, some) suckers for idiotic lists: DC Makes Coolest City in the Country List at No. 2. In The Capital.



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