DC Blogs Noted

Bookseller on the Edge A part-time bookstore employee has assembled a long list of customer rules that offer insight into how rude store patrons can be. Writes Radical Flower: This is Custer’s final stand, my last ditch effort to give all of you fellow ‘booklovers’ some advice on the dos and don’ts upon entering a bookstore. Since reports about DC dating account for approximately two-thirds of all blog posts, you have to love the kicker on Playwright Callie Kimball’s new play, May 39th, coming out this week (see the poster, left). Callie is otherwise known to the DC blogging community as the Lucky Spinster. Her play is part of the Capital Fringe Festival, a performing arts event that begins on Thursday and continues through next week. Trey Graham, writing at the City Paper’s Fringe & Purge, shares some of his insights about Callie. DC Theater Reviews also has special coverage, including podcasts. (Special thanks to City Mouse for the links) That’s Amore, is the title of a post about a woman who was just officially engaged. Ring and all. It invokes a memory for the writer, Mandy at Speakeasy, about a declaration of love she once received. A little bit of big news, cleverly announced, at Sandblower. Buying a bike in DC is not child’s play, writes the Shiftless Badger, who has been to three bike shops and several pawn shops and Craigs List and he’s run out of patience.

Saturday there’s the annual 90 Bus Pub Crawl, with your host Michael Grass, the editor of the Express’ Free Ride. All are invited to tag along on a bus run through various establishments on this line. Details at his personal blog, The Washington Oculus. Get out and enjoy the heat. Tonight is the night for the DC Blogger Meetup.