DC Blogs Noted

Manifest Density jumps out of an airplane. An excerpt: As I said, this wasn’t physical bravery. I think such a thing exists, and is necessary for someone to become a great athlete or dancer or even just to photograph well. This was more about embracing blankness, ignoring anxiety by focusing on the task at hand. It reminded me of my LASIK surgery more than anything else.

The Chronicles of Tewkesbury writes of holding a three week old baby and wondering, for a moment, why anyone would consider bringing a child into this world.

There are new regulations for signage in DC, including four designated entertainment areas. David Gains explains what this is all about and why the District will only have six billboards.

LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?) takes photo notes of rooftop life in Capitol Hill.

Public art invades Foggy Bottom. Some interesting art is photo-documented by Curious District.



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